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Lifting your knowledge of hydro-foiling!

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

So you would like to learn to foil, but you are not sure which way to turn? What are your choices? Wing-Foil, Wind-Foil or e-Foil! In this blog let us unwrap the world of Foiling or Hydro-foiling. Let the foiling experts at The Official Test Centre (OTC) help you find your wings, guiding you and ensuring you take the right steps and taking flight. The OTC and Surf Doctor team are packed full of experience to set you flying, welcoming all abilities from newbies to the more experienced rider. Take the plunge, go for it, you'll never look back! We are ready and waiting and will ensure your experience goes smoothly by offering the whole package, from tuition to personal advice on kit choices, regardless of your experience and ability. Step on board, hang on and get ready for the ride of your life, we will be the wind beneath your wings!

By Emma Nicholson.

Wind Foiling

Learn to windsurf foil at The Official Test Centre

Buy Windfoiling equipment at Surf Doctor

Starting with Windfoiling, a development from windsurfing, replacing the usual fin with a hydrofoil. The foil enables you to fly quietly and peacefully above the water in very light winds. Although learning the skill of windfoiling requires you to learn a few additional basics of how to get going on the foil, it will give you completely new sensations which are worth experiencing.

The learning curve for wind foiling is surprisingly fast. If you're a decent windsurfer, you've already put in most of the time and energy necessary to learn to foil. We've seen strong sailors, but first- time foilers go out with with the right equipment and get their first controlled flights within an hour.

Here at the OTC we are proud to be one of the early adopters of windfoiling, if you are looking for First Flights, Sustained Flights or Performance Flights, check in with us and we will have you flying in no time!

Want to learn to Windfoil? Reach out to The Official Test Centre or call the centre 07817 717904 and fly high with us!

Wing Foiling

Learn to wing foil at The Official Test Centre

Buy wing foiling equipment, boards, foils and wings at Surf Doctor

What is Wing Foiling

What is Wing Foiling? The newest sport on the block and growing fast, Wing Foiling, combines kitesurfing, windsurfing and surfing into a new watersport.

Wingfoil is a watersport accessible to all, whether you have already practised a gliding sport or not. It consists of sailing on the water with a board, a foil and a wing.

Although the first wingsurfers were already on Maui in the mid-80s, it is only now, thanks to the now further developed tube kites and, above all, thanks to the breakthrough of foils, that the subject of wingsurfing or wing foiling has become exciting today.

Wing foiling is a fun and exciting watersport that combines the use of a foil board with a handheld wing. While learning to wing foil may seem daunting, with dedication and proper instruction, most people can become independent within 6 - 12 hours

The OTC is located in a flat water location Portland Harbour, with minimal chop and current, you couldn't ask for a better riding location and the best for learning those wing foiling basics. The flatter the better. Being such a low power sport chop can really hinder progress. It's a bit like trying to ride uphill with the brakes on.

A good wind strength for learning to wing foil is between 15 and 20 knots (28 and 38kph). Too little wind, and you can still learn to fly the wing, but you'll need a little more to generate enough lift to start flying.

To learn how to wingsurf, it’s recommended you take lessons from a qualified instructor to ensure that you learn the proper techniques and safety precautions. The Official Test Centre is the perfect place to learn! with a team of instructors who are all passionate about Winging and getting you Winging!

Fliteboard - E-Foiling

Learn to e-foil at The Official Test Centre

Shop flite boards at Surf Doctor

And finally.. E-Foiling, Fliteboard uses an electric surfboard that flies about 80 cms above the water on a hydro-foil wing. The E-Foil is nearly silent, and uses an electric battery (no pollution) which allows you to enjoy this tranquil environment without imposing on it.

The e-foil (electric hydrofoil), uses a specially designed board housing the batteries, and a motor and propeller attached to a foil. The hydrofoil is similar in appearance and purpose to aerofoils used by aeroplanes, but operates in water. Unlike other forms of hydrofoil watersports, e-foiling requires neither wind or waves. Check into The OTC Fliteboard school and experience the magic for yourself!

At The Official Test Centre we are very proud to be the first authorised Fliteschool in the UK, partnering with Fliteboard to make a whole new foiling experience accessible here in British waters. Come and experience foiling in its most advanced and accessible form at The Official Test Centre.

Now the exciting part, it is time to book your foiling adventure with us, open that next chapter of your watersports journey, click on this link, what will you choose? Wing Foiling? Wind Foiling? or E-Foiling?

You can also visit Surf Doctor for this handy guide to everything Wing Foiling... you will also find all the kit you will ever need to start your foiling adventure, with all the best advice from the team who will pilot you with all their knowledge, call 07944 254561 and you will be a step closer to getting your own wings and flying high.

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