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The OTC Team Rider Ross Williams; My 2023!

King of the Ocean Ross Williams has a lot to be grateful for this year; he is celebrating a quarter of a century being sponsored by the same brand, the birth of his second child and finding an inner peace that balances the adrenalin junkie and family life.

Ross is a bonafide legend in the windsurfing world and his longevity is born out of huge respect for his natural talent and passion for the sport he has dedicated his life to, always staying current, always with gratitude, always chasing that next wave. His spirit is intrinsically linked to the sea and is fired up by the knowledge that his enthusiasm is infectious to those who follow him.

His ardour creates a ripple of inspiration like a wave of energy absorbed by watersports enthusiasts who are inspired by his influence. The gentle giant of UK windsurfing gains energy from encouraging others and this dedication has created a groundswell of support and respect for him today, tomorrow and and in the future. The OTC Team Rider Ross Williams; My 2023!

By Emma Nicholson.

Ross Williams wave sailing
Riding giants!

I started off asking Ross, what has been the highlight for him this year?

Ross said: "The highlight has to be the birth of my son. Such a blessing to have him in our lives, he is our missing piece and makes me smile all the time."

Ross windsurfs
Facing the crest!

What has Ross learnt this year?

Ross said: "I have learnt to be more patience. More patience with my goals on the water, more patience with my family and friends, and more patience with my working goals. I found that with having a family and having the balance that with my personal and professional goals needs more patiences then when you are young, and have very little responsibility."

Ross wave sailing
Getting in a froth!

What has been Ross's best memory this year?

Ross said : "My Best memory. Personally is witnessing the birth of our son and holding him in my arms for the first time. On the water my best memory is more of a series of memories that were created recently while finally able to go back on a road trip with friends, chases wild conditions and express myself on the water, windsurfing, foiling, kiting and surfing."

Wave sailing
Pulling all the tricks!

What has been difficult for Ross this year?

Ross said: "The most difficult thing for me is being able to keep working in our cafe, while seeing the conditions on the water being amazing for watersports and knowing im going to miss a sick session on the water. Also get a similar feeling when i see my  family playing on the beach and im stuck in the kitchen or in the office like a caged animal... but again this is where learning to be patience has help me through the difficult moments."

Ross prone foils
Prone foiling at his home spot!

What has been the best advice Ross received this year?

Ross said: "I think the best advice i heard was to live in the moment, not the past or the future, but to life with and who is right in front of you at the time. Otherwise if you’re always looking forward or back you can't enjoy what you really have."

Wing foiling
A wing and a prayer!

Favourite spot to sail this year?

Ross said: "Well, I've always had a soft spot for sailing at home here on the isle of wight and we did manage to score a couple of great easterly wind  sessions at Ventnor which is where i live so that's always has a special value to me. Ive just done 2 trips away too, one in Ireland and then other in Scotland. Both places were epic, we sailed and surf new spots that i hadn't been before, it was with great friends and team mates so that's also on par with my home spot."

Ross rigs up
Setting up for a session!

What has been Ross's proudest moment this year?

Ross said: "feel i can always answer that my proudest feeling is for my family and it is true, nothing can surpass that, but i am also proud with what i have achieve in regards to my work and business's. 1 is to continue riding for GA and Tabou for another year, which is more then 25 years with the same sponsor, and i think that speaks a lot about my character. 2. working alongside Tris and his team is a great honour as i feel there are so few organisation. organisation that really care about supporting and growing watersports here in the UK. They all truly passionate and supportive and i think that is a key factor in making a business that can be successful and lasting."

Ross rigs up
Ross rigs up!

What has been Ross's biggest influence this year?

Ross said: "My dad is always my going to be my biggest influence as a person, and if i can be half the man he was then im solid with that. Influences on the water. Thomas Traversa has to be right up there, he is ripping so hard in all conditions and his focus on chases down forecasts while balancing family life does help me to believe that you can achieve your goals, travel, total kill it in the water  without too much sacrificing your family time."

Ross rigged and ready to go
Sea gazing!

What will Ross do more of next year?

Ross said: "Next year, im going to workout at the gym, im going to be more focused on my sailing again, im going to be promoting the brands that have continued to support me and im going to go sail in as many different UK spots as possible and meet as many aspiring water sports people as i can to spread the love we all share for being active on the water."

Ross wave sails
Making waves!

What are your hopes for next year? 

Ross said: "I hope its windy!!!"

If Ross has inspired you to get out there, why not contact The Official Test Centre and book some tuition or looking to get kitted out like a legend, head over to Surf Doctor and you will find all your Gaastra and Tabou kit.

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