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Be somebody's inspiration!

How would you like to be somebody's inspiration? We all remember that person that believed in us, inspired us to follow our dreams, told us we could be anything we wanted to be! By becoming an RYA Instructor you could be somebody's inspiration, by boosting their confidence, pushing them out of their comfort zones and making the people you teach believe they can achieve anything they want! You will wish you can bottle that feeling you get when you see your client master windsurfing at all its levels, it will be the best reward and your cup will be overflowing with positivity!

In this blog the spotlight is shone on the RYA Senior Instructor Course. The SI training involves a four day course with continual assessment from two windsurfing trainers. The course looks at delivering the senior instructor role within an RYA training centre. From aspects of centre management with a strong emphasis on the briefing and debriefing of instructors to be able to best oversee RYA activity within a centre. On completion of this course you will be able to; Organise and manage courses within the RYA’s Windsurfing scheme. Organise and control group windsurfing tuition (of all ages) and to supervise, assess and direct the work of their instructors. Conduct assessments and have the interpersonal skills needed to debrief unsuccessful students effectively and tactfully in a good manner.

Find out what it is really like to complete a RYA Course with us. The Official Test Centre Instructor Mia Adcock talks about her experiences of completing this SI Course and this will inspire you to take the plunge and get qualified.

By Emma Nicholson

Why did you choose to do the course with us at The OTC?

Mia said: "It was fantastic that the Senior Instructor Course was running at The OTC as it has been something that I have interested in doing for a long time. It’s an ideal location to undertake an instructor course as the facilities are fantastic and the trainers are outstanding at what they do."

What did you get out of doing the course?

Mia said: "Not only did I gain my Senior Instructor qualification, I gained a weeks worth of experience working with the qualified RYA trainers, picking their brains on anything and everything water-sports and centre related, as well as having the opportunity to work with other passionate windsurf instructors from centres across Europe."

Where will you use your qualification?

Mia said: "I will be using my qualification to teach at The OTC in Portland Harbour."

Who will you be teaching?

Mia said: "I will be teaching windsurfing to many different types of students requiring flexibility, patience, and adaptability as a Senior Instructor. As a Senior Instructor you may encounter different types of students with varying levels of experience, skill, and personality. By understanding their individual needs and tailoring the lessons accordingly, I can help the students to learn and enjoy windsurfing to the fullest."

What was the best bit of the course?

Mia said: "The best part of the course for me was the opportunity to develop myself in a professional capacity, in the windsurfing and watersports industry."

What did you enjoy the most?

Mia said: "I really enjoyed the learning process throughout the course. The trainers kept it a great mix of engaging, informative and fun."

Why is the location of The OTC a great place for learning?

Mia said: "The OTC located on Portland Harbour is an ideal location for RYA courses, with its sheltered waters, consistent winds, and lack of waves making it a safe and controlled environment for learning.

"The OTC itself is a well-established and reputable centre for windsurfing, with world-class facilities, equipment, and experienced instructors. This means that students will have access to top-quality equipment and instruction, ensuring a safe and effective learning experience."

Would you recommend The OTC to other people who are looking for RYA courses?

Mia said: "As The OTC is an accredited RYA training centre, meaning that our courses meet the highest standards set by the RYA. This ensures that people undertaking an RYA course receive high-quality education and that the skills and knowledge they acquire are recognised both nationally and internationally by the RYA."

What was your proudest achievement when you completed the course?

Mia said: "Achieving my Senior Windsurf Instructor qualification was a proud moment in itself. It will open up many opportunities for personal and professional development, and will help allow me to make a positive impact on the windsurfing and watersports community."

Call The Official Test Centre, 07817 717904 and be somebody's inspiration!

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