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Emma dripping with gold talent!

This month marks the Olympics and with the windsurfing events weeks away what a great time to chat to British Sailing Team windsurfer Olympian Emma Wilson as she ramps up her training in the final build up to the biggest stage the Olympic arena! Paris 2024 will showcase the best of British sporting talent as stars from across the globe compete for the coveted Olympic Gold medal; it takes a lifetime of training and dedication, not forgetting innate ability and Emma is hanging on to embrace every opportunity. Emma dripping with gold talent! She is tenacious, tremendous and totally tuned into triumphing at the games.

All of us at The Official Test Centre wish Emma all the luck in the world in her final training weeks in the lead up to the The Greatest Show on Earth! The Olympics!

By Emma Nicholson.

Emma Wilson sets her sights on gold!

Are you happy with the kit?

Emma said: "Yeah kit seems pretty good, it all works , so I’m happy,

Do you need to make any adjustments now you have spent time with the kit?

Emma said: "It’s more just getting used to it, every piece is always a little different but it’s good we’ve had it for a while so we can train on it."

Emma chats to the media in the build up to the Olympics

Did your training with Patrick make a difference?

Emma said: "It was just another idea we wanted to try , just really to cover all bases, that’s mainly what we try to do, know we’ve covered everything."

How are you feeling now there’s less than a month to go to the Olympics?

Emma said: "It’s pretty crazy, I don’t really believe it, maybe once we start wearing the kit and in the venue it will feel real. For now I’m just training really hard.

Sailing to success!

What’s your schedule in the build up to the Olympics?

Emma said: "We are in the middle of a training block in Marseille now, then I will have some rest, and then it’s pretty much time to go racing!

Are you in Marseille or when do you go?

Emma said: "Yep I’m here now, I will go for a little break somewhere before we start though!"

Sailing to success!

Can you give us an insight into all the effort and training that goes into getting you race ready on that start line for the first race of the Olympics?

Emma said: "It’s a team effort! From my family supporting since I was little , my coach Sam Ross , each day we try to be a little bit better, and all the support staff in British sailing who help me day to day. For the last 3 years I’ve been trying every day to get the hang of the Iqfoil and I’m still trying, each day I wake up and just try and be a bit better than the day before."

What are you going to be looking forward to the most about the Olympics?

Emma said: "I think the Olympics is just so special, it doesn’t happen very often. So I just want to make the most of it and embrace it all."

Emma inspires the next generation!

How do you deal with the pressure that comes with competing at the top of your game?

Emma said: "I think as with everything in life , at the top of your game there is pressure, but there is pressure for everyone so it’ll just be trying to go and remember what we are there to do."

On a crest of a wave!

Everyone that supports you and follows you would want to wish you so much luck. What motivates you when you are on that start line for an Olympic race?

Emma said: "I guess just knowing how much has gone into me to even get to that start line, to all the people who have supported me and believed in me, that motivates me a lot!"

Feeling inspired by Emma why not book a windsurfing taster with us at The Official Test Centre, book online, click here who knows where your journey will take you!

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