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Living the Vivida Lifestyle

Vivida is a lifestyle and clothing brand with a clear goal to "empower one another to live our best and healthiest lives." Sustainability is quite rightly one of the most pressing and 'hot' topics of our time, and requires our full attention. And whilst it filters through into our everyday lives, from what we eat, and how we dispose of our waste and unwanted items, to the car or van we drive and sports we enjoy, one important consideration that many people may not appreciate is the topic of the clothes that we wear.

The clothing industry, and certainly the notable high-street fashion labels that charge eye-watering prices, are being challenged to take a serious look at their practices. The throw-away culture simply has to change, so it is heart-warming to see brands emerge, such as Vivida Lifestyle, that are fully conscious of where they fit in the market, with an ambition to influence the culture and change the landscape. And because their ethos and background is also very much similar to the beach lifestyle that we eulogise over, we are confident you'll like the style of their clothes and garments too. So why not grab yourself a brew or a glass of water and delve into their collection here.

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