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Meet the Team: Rob York

In this new series of blog interviews we get to know the newest members of Team OTC. This week we meet Rob York, British Sailing Team Coach, Windsurf Magazine Test Editor and Osprey Distribution Sales Manager. Rob has a glittering CV sailing up the Olympic ranks as a youngster and is hugely ambitious. A fount of knowledge on all things windsurfing and has now been passed the baton of Test Editor. With huge responsibilities and a lot of plates to spin Rob is always cool, calm and collected!

By Emma Nicholson

I started off asking Rob when he joined Team OTC? he said: "I started working at the OTC in November 2021."

What is your background? Before you came to The OTC? "My background is mostly with the British Olympic Windsurfing Pathway. I competed as a Youth and Junior winning a number of National Championships and placing top 10 at a number of World and European Championships before turning 18 and joining the British Sailing Team. As a senior athlete, I had top 10 results at international events and placed in the top 40 at World and European Championships before retiring from competition in 2017. In 2020 I worked as Emma Wilson's training Partner for the Tokyo Olympics."

What is your job role at The OTC? Why did you decide to come and work at The OTC? "My job role at the OTC is Osprey Distribution’s Sales Manager and Windsurf Magazine Test Editor. I was keen to get involved in the commercial side of windsurfing, and I knew Tris and the team shared a passion for the sport and hard-working culture."

What do you like the most about working at The OTC? "What I love most about working at the OTC is how much every staff member loves to get on the water. There is a really exciting atmosphere when we all get the chance to get out there together."

What watersports do you like doing in your spare time? "I love to get out on the wing and enjoy wave sailing in my spare time. I am passionate about learning new moves and being out in big conditions."

Describe your typical working day? "My typical workday involves measuring boards and sails and getting out to test them. Once they are tested, I write a review for each of them, highlighting their sweet spots. I also spend some time working on some of the computer software we have to manage stock inventory."

What are some of your best memories of your time working at The OTC, so far?"Some of the best memories from the OTC are being on the water with the team during summer sunsets and also the Hike, Bike, Paddle, where we pushed our physical limits to take the win."

You also work for the British Sailing Team, what is your role with them and how do you juggle your responsibility with them and working for The OTC and the magazine? "Managing working for both the OTC and the British Sailing Team is a challenge at times, but the support, guidance and advice offered by Tris and all his wisdom is amazing. I feel the two complement each other well, and working with the top athletes keeps me in tune with how to tune equipment to make sure it's on point."

What are you most passionate about? Is it encouraging young people into the sport?"I am most passionate about growing the sport as a whole. Getting new kids involved but also keeping adults stoked on the sport."

What does your future hold? What are your ambitions? "My biggest ambitions are to see the OTC grow more and share this paradise with as many people as possible. A couple of personal goals are to get on the front cover of Windsurf Magazine and coach at an Olympic Games."

Who inspires you?"I am immensely inspired by Tris’s work ethic. He really leads from the front. Another inspiration of mine is Barrie Edgington, who coached Emma at the games and is a bit of a legend in the Olympic Windsurfing world."

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