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The OTC Team Rider Scott Norman; My 2023!

In the third of this series of blogs we hear from The Official Test Centre Team Rider Scott Norman. Scott has had a marvellously memorable year, Scott along with his parents unconditional support have created all the ingredients for sublime success. A dash of the European Championships, a soupçon of Speed Week and lashings of the UKWA! This has seen him rise to the top and all with the modest, humble humility beyond his years. What a year! The OTC Team Rider Scott Norman; My 2023!

By Emma Nicholson.

Scott Norman windsurfing
The Official Test Centre Team Rider Scott Norman whizzing down the speed strip at Portland Harbour!

What has been your highlight this year?

Scott said: "It’s tricky to choose just one! From going to the European Championships in Italy, to then placing first in the Youth category at Weymouth Speed week, and third in the Gold Fleet, to then winning the National Fleet title! Although the highlight will probably have to be the National Fleet win, as slalom is my main focus, it's so good to see that the work that I have put in, does transfer to the race course, I have loved racing all over the south coast in such a wide range of conditions!"

Wind foiling Scott
Scott at the Euro Champs in Italy!

What have you learnt this year?

Scott said: "This year has been a massive and steep learning curve, but one of the many things I have learnt is the importance to sail in such a range of conditions, as you never know what might be at the next competition! I also qualified as a Windsurfing instructor at the centre earlier this year, which really helped me see the sport from a different angle and it’s been incredible to give back to the sport that’s given me so much over the years."

Windsurfing Scott
Scott performs some windsurfing wizadry!

What's been your best memory?

Scott said: "My best memory is probably an unforgettable session I had in Portland Harbour a few months ago which summed up the reason I enjoy windsurfing so much, it was probably around 10-15kts and it was perfect foiling conditions with only 2-3 other people on the water, it was one of those session where the sun was setting, and all the kit was just working perfectly, and despite being on full race kit, I felt no need to push in the slightest it was truly a session that sticks with me till this day."

Scott windsurfing one-handed
Shaka sign from Scott!

What has been a difficult part of this year?

Scott said: "One of the hardest point of the year was when I was doing my final GCSE exams. Its a known fact that balancing windsurfing and school isn’t the easiest of tasks, as my teammate Lilia knows this as well. During this period it was tricky to cram in enough revision, and each exam, all whilst trying to spend time on the water and not loose any progress that was initially made, but I managed, Now I have started my A levels, the cycle starts all again!

Scott performing a jump out of the water
Scott jumps for joy!

What's the best advice you were given this year?

Scott said: "The best advice I have been given is probably to focus on yourself. That can be applied to all sorts of different situations, as for me during training and races, breaking down every gybe, every start and every bit of chop before me allowed me to push to the max and learn a bunch at the same time so during the slalom circuit, this was something I told myself before every race."

Scott windsurfs at WSW
Scott competes at Weymouth Speed Week 2023!

Where has been your favourite place to windsurf this year?

Scott said: "As perfect as sailing from the OTC is, it was incredible to sail in Lake Garda this year, as in Torbole the windsurfing community is thriving! This was proved on the first day I arrived, looked out the window at 7am and there were 50+ people already on the water! It was a truly incredible place to race."

Slalom training for OTC Team Rider Scott!

What are you most proud of this year?

Scott said: "Im especially proud of my performance in Weymouth speed week this year as i have never been particularly good at speed surfing, but this year things just seemed to click on the Friday and I managed to put in a run of 31.9kts over 500m, which managed to get me 3rd place in the gold fleet, which I’m chuffed with!"

Windfoiling Scott
OTC Team Rider Scott Norman windfoiling in Portland Harbour!

Who has been your biggest influence this year?

Scott said: "My biggest influence has to go out all of the international sailors that have just competed out in Japan fighting it out in the PWA world tour! By watching them razz around a course and fighting it out for every .1 of a knot their kit allows inspires me to do the same for both training and racing to my ability allows."

Windsurfing at The OTC
Carving out a promising future!

What will you do more of next year?

Scott said: "As next year I will be moving into the International fleet, a lot more foiling in varying conditions will take place, meaning a lot more crashing! Chop and swell will definitely be a large factor in this but it’s all good learning!"

Racing to the top!

What are your hopes for next year?

Scott said: "Next year I hope to be able to improve even further, and I feel moving into the International fleet will help a lot with this as it allows me to race against people that are faster, more tactical, and have a bunch more experience than me which is only bound to make me improve! Especially being as competitive as i am I think it’s going to be the hardest I have pushed yet!"

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