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Two Masts - One Extension

Trying to reduce the amount of kit you have to take to a session? Starboard have made life that little bit easier for you with their new 2 in 1 R+SDM extension. Eliminating the need for two mast extensions. If you have a quiver of sails that requires two mast thickness, then you have always needed to carry an extension for the RDM and SDM, but those days are gone. This exciting new piece of kit will make your windsurfing set up a lot more simple and straightforward.

Coming in at 34cm with 2cm increments, constructed in either carbon or aluminium. This extension is the one for all! Its quick and easy to change from SDM to RDM by unscrewing the top cap and then removing the lower collar. It also comes with a stainless steel adjustment ring.

Starboard have added a handy quick release system that gives a bit of leverage over the standard button. This is removable and something you can choose to use or remove. Making it easier to release the sail. No more stuck or corroded extensions as grooves allow the sand and water to flow out.

As you push the lever the UJ releases, but as you push the lever further the release system goes past the point of releasing and keeps the UJ locked. This is still the same when pushing by hand, but usually harder to do as you don't have any leverage over it.

This will definitely help you have less kit and on a positive note with cold hands will be less fiddly to set up. Releasing the rig is easier because of the snap on external lever. If you have SDM masts already and are thinking of going to RDM, or vice versa, then this 2 in 1 R+SDM extension is the one for you!

Available from SurfDoctor:

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