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XR Has Never Been so Affordable!

The Pint (left) and XR (right) poised for play

The XR was released by Future Motion in 2018, capable of 12-18 miles on one charge - almost DOUBLE the distance of its predecessor, the OneWheel+. It has caught the imagination of so many, with its smooth intuitive riding style.

"Never has there been such a similar fluid riding experience on land, mimicking the sensations felt flying down a glassy face or carving hard on the pristine piste."

The XR is the true off-road champion!

And despite the eagerly anticipated, more price-pointed Pint (due with us in early October) is being pre-ordered in its droves, the XR remains the true choice for those that are after the full unbridled Onewheel experience. At release last year they were retailing at £1949.00. However, there is now a 14% discount, bringing the price down to £1679.00, including delivery to a UK mainland address. You can pick one up on our online store Surf Doctor, or why not come along and see us at the centre. You can try before you buy and suss out which colour accessories you'd like to add too!

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