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Fliteboard; Here's one I made earlier!

In this blog find out all about the day SurfDoctor Operations Manager Joe Adams was given an iconic Blue Peter badge by presenter Joel Mawhinney and there wasn't any sticky back plastic in sight!

Blue Peter, the longest running children's programme in the world - and quite possibly the best loved - began on 16 October 1958.

On Tuesday this week OTC staff were lucky enough to join Ellie Aldridge British Sailing Team formula kiter, as she showed Joel how to kite foil and part of this process was to get Joel on a Fliteboard at The Official Test Centre.

Let's find out how team OTC was part of the iconic 'Fliteboard; Here's one I made earlier'!

By Emma Nicholson.

Blue Peter
Joe Adams shows off his Blue Peter badge!

Joe Adams said: "Blue Peter were here as they are with The British Sailing Team and they are looking to show people how to get into kite foiling. They have broken it down, into one day they were looking to try and get Blue Peter presenter Joel to kite and foil in one day. So they broke it down and did a bit of ground handling with the kite with Ellie and then we taught Ellie how to teach e-foiling, so she could teach Joel how to e-foil and combine the two togther.

"It will be broadcast out on TV just to raise awareness of kitefoiling, it is a new Olympic sport, kiting maybe a bit daunting to a lot of people, the idea is to show people they can do certain aspects of it, break it down to make it more attractive to the general public.

"I've always wanted a Blue Peter badge it made me feel very special!

"Joel was quite good to be fair at Fliteboarding, considering how challenging the conditions were, it was 30 knots of wind, not the most ideal day for it, but given the circumstances he did really well.

"Both Joel and the film crew were saying what an amazing spot it is at The OTC and how jealous they were of the working environment of the guys who work at the centre. It was a very relaxed vibe and very professional and they were all very envious of all our jobs basically!"

Blue Peter presenter Joel at The OTC

Remember if you would like to experience the magic of Fliteboard, you can book a flite online or call the centre, 07817 717904. Come and find out how everything is very intuitive with Fliteboard and how Fliteboarding takes everything to new levels!

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