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Game on for Emma Wilson!

Before Olympian and British Sailing Team windsurfer Emma Wilson jetted off to compete in the Trofeo Princess Sofia Mallorca, I was lucky to speak to her and find out how she is feeling before the first major Olympic regatta of 2024. All ten Olympic classes for Paris 2024 will be at Trofeo Princess Sofia Mallorca from 29 March to 6 April on the Bay of Palma. Emma is competing at the Sofia as part of her preparation for the Games in late July. When Emma is not jet setting around the world, you can catch her training in the waters of The Official Test Centre, along with the other GB windsurfers. In this blog let's find out why it is Game on for Emma Wilson!

By Emma Nicholson.

Emma Wilson
Emma Wilson on a crest of a wave!

How does it feel to be ranked No1?

Emma said: "Yeah feels pretty cool to be ranked no1 , this time last year I was ranked around 35th because I hadn’t been competing for long enough on the Iqfoil to have got enough points so I think that says a lot about my story. It’s a nice feeling to be no 1 but for sure I’m not stopping here."

Emma Wilson
Girl Power for Emma!

Looking back on the Iqfoil world class champs, what will you take from that competition and use in your training?

Emma said: "Yeah the Iqfoil worlds was obviously a big event which I am really proud of how me , my coach, my training partners and team around me prepared for it. For sure the final result stings so much, it still does, but I think you also learn the most when it hurts the most. It definitely taught me a lot about myself which I think is really what sport is about and has made me super determined to keep trying to improve each day."

Emma Wilson
Emma has her eye on Gold!

How is the training going for the Olympics?

Emma said: "Training has been going well, straight after the worlds it was tough and for a week I can’t lie, I didn’t want to see an Iqfoil, but slowly with a bit of time and some great people around me we are training harder than ever. I have a great group of training partners which I am so so grateful for and a great coach too , we all have a good time , and a laugh each day which I think is super important."

Emma Wilson
Flying high!

How do you feel physically?

Emma said: "Physically I feel pretty good , I love to go windsurfing every day and feel lucky to do that. And add in a few gym sessions and some cycling it’s pretty fun really!

Emma Wilson
In the zone!

How are you feeling mentally?

Emma said: "Mentally I feel good, obviously there are good days and bad days in training, but that’s life and I think it’s just trying to take the positives from each day and if I can keep learning from each situation then I’m going to be pretty happy I think!"

Feeling inspired by Emma, why not start your windsurfing journey with us at The Official Test Centre? Call 07817 717904 and book a windsurfing taster.

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