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Meet the team: Callum Blackwell!

We have some exciting news! Introducing the newest member of The Official Test Centre staff, we are pleased to announce that we have welcomed a new talented Senior Instructor into the fold! Let's Meet the team: Callum Blackwell! In this blog Callum answers a series of quick fire questions, as we get to know him a bit better! Bursting with energy and enthusiasm Callum is full of experience after spending the last nine years teaching watersports around the world. When you pop into our centre or book a Fliteboard session you will be sure to meet Callum, he oozes positivity and has a grateful outlook that he gets to do what he loves as a job! A huge welcome to the team!

By Emma Nicholson.

Callum Blackwell
Senior Instructor Callum Blackwell joins Team OTC!

When did you start working at The OTC and what is your background?

Callum said: "I started working for The OTC in April, but have known Tris and the team a while. I’ve previously worked overseas for the last nine years with Neilson Holidays!"

What is your job role at The OTC?

Callum said: "Senior Instructor and Fliteboard Instructor!"

Callum Blackwell
Callum windsurfing and smiling at the camera with a Shaka!

What do you like most about working at The OTC?

Callum said: "The team, location and the wind! It’s a great place for anyone at any level to come down and get on the water, and the team are so friendly and welcoming!"

What is one of your best memories, professionally or watersports related?

Callum said: "It’s got to be the first week of set up in resort post Covid, I’ve never seen so many people so excited to get to resort and get going for a season, definitely a moment that stood out to me!"

Blue Steel!

What do you think the benefits are to people’s mental health by taking part in watersports?

Callum said: "It gives people the chance to clear their heads and escape the rest of the world, when you’re on the water it’s just you, your kit, and your mates having a good time!"

What is your favourite spot to windsurf?

Callum said: "Sweet home Vassilki, but Dahab is a close second!"

New horizons for Callum as he joins Team OTC!

Do you prefer winging or windsurfing?

Callum said: "If you’d have asked me this question a year ago I’d say windsurfing but now I’m a full blown winger!"

What is your biggest achievement either professionally or personally?

Callum said: "My first week as an activities manager for Neilson, the realisation that all my hard work to get to where I wanted to be had paid off, having the chance to allow people to have an amazing season was my responsibility which I was super excited about!"

Callum and the Neilson Holiday team!

Why do you think The OTC is so successful as a brand and a place of business?

Callum said: "Because of the way people are looked after when they come to The OTC, the teams customer service is next level. It’s such a well known brand in the industry and the team work so hard to keep the standards high!"

What is a typical day at work for you?

Callum said: "I’m usually out on the water through the day teaching either winging, windsurfing or fliteboarding, with the odd bit of helping in the centre here and there, it doesn’t get much better than being outside teaching for a job!"

Capturing a perfect moment

Who inspires you?

Callum said: "Would have to be my first set of managers at Neilson, they showed me that you can make a life out of this job and it isn’t just a ‘summer job’."

What is the biggest lesson you have learnt throughout your career so far?

Callum said: "If someone offers you a chance to try something new; grab the opportunity with both hands!"

Callum and OTC Team Rider Aaron Smith!

What advice would you give someone who wants to become a watersports instructor?

Callum said: "Do it! It’s a job that can take you all over the world and allow you to meet some amazing people! Plus you get to work on beaches in the sun!"

Callum looking forward to a future with Team OTC

What does it mean becoming part of The OTC team?

Callum said: "For me it’s super exciting to be part of the team, The OTC has such an amazing reputation within the industry so it’s awesome to be a part of it!"

What is your biggest motivation?

Callum said: "Definitely the drive to become better at the sports I teach and do, pushing to try and improve my skills personally and teaching!"

Callum and Team Neilson

The future what does that hold for you?

Callum said: "Many exciting years teaching in Portland Harbour!"

Why not start your watersports instructor journey with us here at The Official Test Centre, we run a number of RYA instructor courses, in all disciplines! Click here to find your next opportunity!

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