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Meet the Team: Bryony Webb

Meet the team behind the OTC - the talented group of individuals that keep the brand afloat with energy, enthusiasm and passion. You will always get a warm welcome at The OTC, where the atmosphere is all about progression for watersport enthusiasts, from beginners to those more advanced. The team are always happy to help and will give advice on anything from how to rig a sail through to which gear would suit you best.

Meet our very own pocket-rocket! Local girl, Bryony Webb, Centre Manager is the hard-working, happy face of The OTC; she always goes the extra-mile to make sure the job is done properly. Her reliability and loyal friendly nature is what makes our front of house such a welcoming place. She prides herself on making sure both the customers and staff are happy and that everyone’s experience is a positive one and people want to return.

Bryony said: “I first started working for the OTC in 2018 after working seasons abroad in Minorca and at Weymouth College. I am born and bred in Wyke Regis, which is nice because most of the team are from further afield.

“I did three seasons with a company called Minorca Sailing Holidays, which is based on the northeast coast of Minorca; it's a very pretty island and I had a good time.

“I did my windsurfing course with Tris when I was at Weymouth College. I always knew the OTC was an awesome centre and working at the National Sailing Academy is really cool; it’s an awesome spot. When I came back from Minorca I went and saw Tris and the local college and I was working for both centres for a while. Then I found my feet at The OTC and settled here.

“I have always been on the water from a very young age. Not so much windsurfing, more sailing. Just out in the local areas, swimming and jumping into the sea from Portland Bill, like I am sure a lot of local kids still do! I didn’t start windsurfing until I went to Weymouth College. I did an Outdoor Education course when I was 17 years of age, which is a lot older than most guys start. I learnt to windsurf so I could get the ticket and teach it and pass the skills on. I fell in love with it from there.

“My motivation is making sure that whoever comes into the centre whether it's staff or visitors have the best time possible. I take a back seat on water sessions these days and my role is more to over-see what is going on. I make sure everyone has the best time and wants to come back. And I pride myself on creating a good atmosphere and environment.

“The people down at the OTC inspire me and the people that we get in, especially the Team 15 guys, the kids. The young guns that come in over the winter - they give you a kick up the bum and make you realise how lucky we are to be down here and part of it.

“What I enjoy most about my job is the big group stuff - teaching the big groups. It is taking someone and seeing them have no skill base whatsoever and teaching them how to potter back and forth across the water and make sure they are safe. Because I learnt to windsurf later in life and because I am younger, there are less years from when I learnt to windsurf to the present day, and I can empathise with people a bit more when they are just beginning to learn.

“The best part of working at the OTC is the team: the team at the OTC is sick! It is a real family environment, everyone looks out for one another inside and outside of work.

“The biggest buzz for me is other peoples' reaction! When they come off the water (or when they simply come and get their keys from behind the desk) and say they've had a sick session ... it's just so good to see and hear."

“The qualifications I started off with were my RYA windsurfing instructor's ticket along with some sailing qualifications too. When I came back to the OTC they put me through my senior instructors course, which then gives me the opportunity to be left with the centre and look after everyone on the water.

“What do I love about my job? Well, I’ve worked in various places, but I have always loved sports. I wanted to travel and work some seasons abroad, and I have been lucky enough to do some ski seasons. I think it's just being able to work outside everyday! We have a pretty sick office - come down to the centre and you can check it out for yourself. The most rewarding aspect is seeing the weekly progression of people and getting to know different people and building a rapport and friendships.

“When I pull my finger out and get on a board I do love it. I am not as experienced as some of the other guys. I get on really well with the Tabou Rocket boards; we are lucky enough in the shop to have a great selection of boards and kit to choose from. It is a great place to be able to come and try the latest toys.

“One of my best memories is when we had about 60 kids on the giant paddle boards, I think it was a Dorset Schools Primary Cup. The weather wasn’t on our side, it was either too windy or not windy enough. We got the mega SUPs out, restricted the water area and let the carnage ensue! It was a great atmosphere.

“On a typical day I come in, open up the centre, and make sure the first impressions at the centre are up to scratch. In any centre you look with your eyes first, so I just make sure everything is in the right place. In the summer months when we are a bit busier I make sure we are good for staff and that everyone is going to be happy with their sessions. We take most of our bookings via the website, email or on the phone, so I do the admin and paperwork side too.

“The biggest skills I bring to the team is my enthusiasm and I like to think I am a great motivator. As the saying goes, "Do it nice or do it twice", so I like to do a job well the first time.

“I think the fact I am from the local area is a great advantage and I have worked at the National Sailing Academy before with the local college; as much as it can be hectic in the summer everyone bounces off each other. The whole Academy, as a unit, works together.

“I don’t think I will stay at The OTC forever, but in the near future it is all about the OTC and Weymouth is home. I do love a winter skiing season too, so if I could have a happy medium I would jump at having the best of both worlds!

“I particularly enjoy it in the summer when we have a bigger team working at the centre, with the likes of Lily, Sam, Lucy, Oli and James. When they are around we have the music playing in the mornings, we get the kit out, we are one big unit. It is a great atmosphere when the extra staff come in.

“Tris inspires me because he never turns his back on you; he is really supportive. He will let you find your own way, but he will always have his eye on you too!”

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