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MK are Back!

MK Booms is a name that you may well be familiar with if you've been windsurfing for a while. The brand prided itself on delivering quality, affordable products, often providing that extra 'little something' to the budget rig package offered by shops.

The main USP to the aluminium MK Boom in the late nineties and 'early noughties' was that it came supplied as standard with two tail pieces, significantly increasing the sail sizes it could be adjusted to and rigged on. It was also one of the first booms to have an adjustable head clamp, enabling it to be rigged on either an SDM or RDM.

Well, MK are back, and not only supply their flagship Solus aluminium boom (with twin tail pieces) retailing at an impressive £165.00, but also have a number of carbon booms and extensions in their range at eye-catching prices.

Sure, they're produced in an OEM factory, but the new UK importer is keen to provide excellent customer service and the products offer stunning value for money. A 180-240cm full carbon race boom for £485.00 ... and carbon extensions from just £59.00! Need we explain why we're getting behind the brand? For more information, just call the store on 01305 230296.

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