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Never give up on your dream!

Olympian Emma Wilson is a true legend, she is highly respected and admired for her achievements, she is someone who leaves behind an unforgettable impression on others. She touches lives, she will be remembered, she is cherished. She has become a legend by finding her role, her calling, following it, and touching others around her.

Especially the next generation, Emma has given up her time to really support youngsters who attend The Official Test Centre Well-being Windsurfing, even spending time on the water with them and giving them experiences they will never forget, like wearing her Olympic medal! Spreading positivity and inspiring these young people is priceless and so impactful.

The Paris 2024 Olympic Games are fast approaching and with the iQfoil disciplines added to the programme, the new windsurfing event will be hosted at the Marina de Marseille, the Olympic sailing venue for the Paris 2024 Games, the programme for the iQFOil has recently been revealed, a competition that will take place between Sunday 28 July and Friday 2 August.

Having just received her new Olympic equipment I thought it was an opportune time to speak to Olympic bronze medalist, World silver and European bronze medalist Emma Wilson and find out why you should Never give up on your dream!

By Emma Nicholson.

Going for gold!

How is the training going for the Olympics?

Emma said: "Training is going pretty well. I have been home for three weeks now which has been nice to sail in England again and just enjoy being at home for a bit. We have just received the Olympic equipment, so we have been trying that out a bit too which is exciting."

Sailing super powers!

What does the build up to the Olympics look like for you?

Emma said: "Everyone will do it differently but for me I will split it into blocks. I go again in a weeks time to Marseille then come back to England in June for two weeks and then I will go back out for the full time all the way until the games."

Emma inspires local school pupils!

Why is it important for you to support young people and in particular initiatives like the wellbeing windsurfing at The OTC?

Emma said: "I think what The OTC have done with the well-being windsurfing is so cool. I really love the fact that that kids are getting a chance to get out on the water. I just get on well with the kids I think and if I can help them out at all that’s great. I think they really put the whole thing in perspective for me and sometimes just make me realise how lucky I am to be doing what I’m doing."

Emma as a little girl with big dreams!

You are an inspiration to young people who are so excited to watch you compete at the Olympics, what advice would you give to youngsters on how to be successful?

Emma said: "I guess I would just say if you have a dream just go for it. Don’t let people to say you can’t do. People used to say I’m too young or not got enough experience but I think if you really believe and put in 100% you can do pretty much anything. And to just enjoy the whole thing!"

An olympic effort!

What motivates you to keep being the best version of yourself?

Emma said: "I think lots of things motivate me , I’m super competitive so I want to win and I just think of my competitors training and that motivates me but also I want to show people that you can work really really hard but with a smile on your face and enjoy the journey . Whatever happens I want to look back and say “yeah I really enjoyed that and out everything into it”

Here is the technical bit...

What to expect, after the official programme of the Olympic Games was released it has given a lot more detail , the races in slalom or course race format will take place over a total of three days (28 to 30 July). After a rest day, 1 August will be dedicated exclusively to the Marathon. The next day, Friday 2 August, the medal races will be held for the 10 best women and men.

iQFOil Programme Olympic Games Paris 2024

Sunday 28th July

11:00-19:00: iQFOil men - Slalom or Racing Races

11:00-19:00: iQFOil women - Slalom or Racing Races

Monday 29th July

11:00-19:00: iQFOil men - Slalom or Racing races

11:00-19:00: iQFOil women - Slalom or Racing races

Tuesday 30th July

11:00-19:00: iQFOil men - Slalom or Racing races

11:00-19:00: iQFOil women - Slalom or Racing races

Thursday 1 August

11:00-19:00: iQFOil men - Marathon

11:00-19:00: iQFOil Women - Marathon

Friday, August 2nd

11:00-19:00: iQFOil men - Medal race

11:00-19:00: iQFOil women - Medal race

Feeling inspired by Emma Wilson, why not start your windsurfing adventure with us at The OTC, call the centre 07817 717904 and speak to our friendly team who can help set you sailing in the right direction!

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