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Olympian Emma Wilson; sails her own race!

The Olympic Games symbolises unity and exuberance of the human spirit. Swifter, Higher, Stronger! Olympian and The Official Test Centre Team Rider Emma Wilson shows us the possibilities of the human spirit when we follow our dreams. As Emma smashes it at the iQFoil Worlds this week and is dominating the fleet, I was lucky enough to catch up with her before the Worlds and speak about her training and the build up to her second Olympic Games. Always with gratitude Olympian Emma Wilson; sails her own race! With astonishing talent and always with a smile! We watch in awe as her talent trumps the competition and all her hours on the water training, off the water training, the sacrifices, the dedication, the mental focus and the physical dedication is just so inspirational!

By Emma Nicholson.

Emma Wilson
Olympian Emma Wilson prepares for her Olympic year!

How has your training gone for the Worlds?

Emma said: "Yeah training has been going pretty well, I was out here in Lanzarote most of November and December and then now in January getting used to the conditions and getting myself as prepared as I can be which has been fun."

Emma Wilson
Focusing on going for gold!

Now we are in 2024 and it is the Olympic Year; what is your build up?

Emma said: "The build up towards the Olympics involves this world championships and Palma World Cup in April and then after that I will probably head to Marseille and try to get as used to the conditions there as I can."

Emma Wilson
Oh buoy! What a talent!

How are you feeling about this year and what lies ahead?

Emma said: "It’s exciting to be in an Olympic year they don’t come around very often and it’s the biggest competition for our sport so that’s pretty cool and I just want to work really hard and enjoy it."

Emma Wilson
In a class of her own!

Physically how are you preparing?

Emma said: "Physically I am windsurfing a lot and then I do go to the gym and cycle to push my fitness but I prefer to just windsurf as much as I can if I’m completely honest!"

Emma Wilson
Sailing into an Olympic year!

Mentally how are you preparing?

Emma said: "Mentally I am just grateful to be in this position and want to give it everything as it’s my been my dream since I was a little kid so I may aswell enjoy it!"

Emma Wilson
Tenacity, Dedication, Perseverance!

Feeling inspired by Emma Wilson, why not book a windsurfing taster with us at The Official Test Centre call 07817 717904 and start your adventure!

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