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On Course to RYA Success with Instructor Training Opportunities at The OTC!

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Looking to become a qualified Watersports Instructor? Did you know as a Royal Yachting Association (RYA) Recognised Training Centre, The Official Test Centre can help you progress through the watersports instructor ranks with ease! Reach for the sky and believe you can achieve! With our experienced RYA Trainers, Quality Equipment and Professional Instructor Training Courses in Windsurfing and Wingsurfing. The watersports world will be your oyster with RYA instructor qualifications from The OTC.

Whether you are looking to become a watersports Instructor for a full time job, gap year, volunteer or perhaps a career break or change, teaching Watersports will give you confidence and communication skills that not many other jobs will offer.

The journey to your dream job starts by gaining RYA qualifications on a Watersports Instructor Course. These qualifications demonstrate you have the ability, experience and competence to teach both children and adults in a variety of locations. The RYA standard is internationally known and has become a prerequisite for many Watersports jobs in the UK and Worldwide make your dream become a reality at The Official Test Centre.

By Emma Nicholson and Amanda Buggy.

If your aspiration is to be a Windsurfing Instructor. Start as you mean to go on with the 'RYA Start Windsurfing Instructor Course'. This five day course will teach you all you need to know about becoming an instructor and the coaching techniques required through sessions on land using a simulator, on the water practicing ‘live’ group teaching techniques and control, plus a number of classroom based sessions. This is the first rung on the ladder to forging a career in the watersports industry.

Keen to progress your skills further? Step up the next rung of the ladder with the 'RYA Intermediate Windsurfing Instructor Course'. The Intermediate Instructor Course provides the training to teach up to intermediate non-planing and/or planing skills within the RYA National Windsurfing Scheme, plus stage 3 and/or 4 of the RYA Youth Windsurfing Scheme. Candidates must have good experience as a Start Instructor as well as a theoretical knowledge and most importantly, passion for windsurfing.

Through an enjoyable mixture of practical on-water exercises, simulator work and informal presentation of theory topics, this course aims to enhance your on water coaching skills, technical knowledge and delivery of more advanced techniques, such as harness, footstraps and improved gybing. Watch your students make a smooth progression through the intermediate competencies.

What is next? How about the 'RYA Advanced Windsurfing Instructor Course'. The aim of the course is to be trained up to the level of RYA Advanced (plus the four advanced clinics) within the RYA National Windsurfing Scheme. Candidates attending this course must have significant experience as an intermediate planing instructor (minimum 100 hours logged) as well as a deep engagement in the sport – with a wide theoretical knowledge and passion for windsurfing.

The Advanced Instructor course is the final 'coaching' qualification to be gained within the RYA Windsurfing Instructor Pathway, confirming you as the windsurfing coaching guru, helping your students crack infamous skills such as the waterstart, carve gybe and progressing blasting control and bump and jump techniques.

As the world of foiling continues to develop, progress your instructor skills to include one of the most sought-after qualifications. Take your windsurfing students to the next level by teaching them how to foil, with the 'RYA Windfoiling Instructor Course', this has been created to prepare experienced instructors to introduce the new and exciting world of Windfoiling to a larger audience in a safe and progressive manner. The course will combine on-water training and introduce the coaching skills specific to foiling, with shore-based sessions, covering teaching techniques and related theory topics.

Perhaps it's time to take on more responsibility, progress your career and move towards a more management role within the Watersports industry. The next step is the 'RYA Windsurfing Senior Instructor Course'. The RYA SI (Senior Instructor) course is an intensive yet enjoyable and supportive four days with a chance to learn a great deal from the trainers and the other course candidates. This course is designed for those with varied experience in the delivery of RYA windsurfing tuition, yet with a current windsurfing qualification of RYA Start Windsurfing at the least.

The RYA Senior Instructor Course is designed to help candidates understand the requirements of RYA Training Centre recognition, and most importantly smooth operation afloat. The Trainers will help highlight and develop the unique skills required to be a patient and resourceful SI, as well as being able to confidently manage people and situations. The overall aim of the SI is to ensure a fun, safe and great learning environment where a good quality of learning takes place, by mentoring instructors, facilitating courses and managing afloat.

The newest kids on the block and the most desirable watersports instructor qualification to hold! Get to grips with the new and developing sport of Wing Foiling and take the 'RYA Wingsurfing/Wingfoiling Instructor Course'. The RYA Wingsurfing/Wingfoiling Instructor course has been created to prepare new and experienced instructors to introduce the exciting world of winging to a larger audience in a safe and progressive manner. The course combines on-water training alongside shore-based sessions to equip candidates with the skills needed to take their students from the basics of wingsurfing to the skills of foiling.

With two instructor competencies to be achieved 'wing surfing' and 'wing foiling', making this a highly achievable qualification to a range of candidates, successful students will gain an RYA Wingsurfing Instructor Certificate (two day course) and an RYA Wingfoiling Instructor Certificate after a further two days. Teaching within the RYA Wingsurfing Scheme is progressive, a step by step approach providing your students with the platform to progress the sport of Wingsurfing to the level they aspire in no time at all. If no previous RYA Instructor qualification is held, a moderation will need to take place on a fifth day.

One of the industry's most respected RYA Trainers and OTC Team Rider, James Hardy, (pictured above) said: “We all know the OTC is the perfect place to get on the water and progress, but for multiple reasons it’s also the ideal place to go and do your RYA Instructor Courses.

The water and location we know are perfect for learning and development as an Instructor. You will have the opportunity to use an array of different kit on the course which is both great fun but also great for your own personal knowledge and development. Most importantly the courses are run by friendly and very experienced trainers.

"You also have access to all the great facilities at the academy, what more do you want from an Instructor course!”

RYA Trainer Maurin Rottenwalter, The OTC Operations Manager (pictured above), said: "As part of the OTC for more then 10 years and double that in the industry, I was privileged to see many young and more mature people start their windsurf journey with us at the OTC on sometimes as small as 1.5m sails, progressing over the years and then wanting to help others to pass on the passion and become RYA Windsurf or WingFoil Instructors. To see and witness this progression has for many years now reignited the love and passion for the sport and not only teach new students getting into the sport, but passing on the knowledge and passion of teaching the amazing sports we’re all part of, to a wide range of people who want to be part of the RYA Instructor folk is an absolute pleasure.

"The location we have here at the OTC with the facilities of the WPNSA is just absolutely fantastic. We have access to the latest windsurf and winging kit, flat water in nearly every wind strength and direction, as well as the opportunity to hide from the weather, to do simulator practice and more on the less pleasant days.

But when the sun is out and the wind blows there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the progression of new and upcoming instructor candidates and how they flourish ready to go out in the world and spread the passion for the sport."

What are you waiting for! Dive in today, for all RYA Course information, click on this link.. or call The Official Test Centre for a chat and on 07817 717904.


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