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Onewheel Pint Inbound to the UK

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

The evolution that lead to the original Onewheel

Onewheel have been around since 2013, and after their successful KickStarter campaign their flagship product has seen a few refinements, each time seeing the range and speed of their one-wheeled skateboard increasing. This is by no means an easy task, as the whole unit measures in at under 75cm. The latest more powerful battery has seen the current Onewheel+XR raise the bar from 15mph and a range of 6-8miles to 12-18miles at 19mph. These impressive stats have come at a cost; currently the Onewheel+XR retails at £1,769.00 with Surf Doctor.

The good news is Future Motion, (the company behind Onewheel), have just released a smaller more affordable version in the Pint.

The Pint doesn't quite boast the same range or top speed but for most the 16mph and 6-8 mile range should do the trick, especially when it comes in around the thousand pound mark. The bad news is that they have yet to hit UK shores ... but the wait is almost over! Pre-orders are available through Surf Doctor and all signs lead to the Pint being shipped any day now. Be sure to get yourself on the waiting list, as demand is high and the first shipment is being reserved quickly.

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