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OTC Re-Opens - Monday 29th March

Following the latest roadmap to easing of restrictions, we're pleased to say we will be re-opening on 29th March. With this in mind, our key focus is to do so in a controlled and measured manner, taking the safety and protection of our staff and visitors into consideration at all times, as well as all other on-site partners. This article is intended to outline some new protocols we have put in place, in accordance with the guidelines provided. These protocols will then be revised again for 12th April.

  • No passing trade will be permitted. Please call the centre in advance of arrival and book yourself a place on a session. This includes kit hire and tuition, letting a staff member know if you need to borrow a wetsuit. The number to call is 01305 230296 / 07817 717904.

  • Spaces are limited to ensure social distancing and will be on a ‘first-come, first-served basis.'

  • We will ask you to pay over the phone, in advance of arrival. No visitors are permitted in the centre or the containers.

  • The Academy changing rooms are closed, and please observe the ‘one-way’ system implemented for visiting the toilets.

  • Please park your vehicle in the the Academy’s main car park (the gravel car park over the road) and park with consideration, to observe social distancing. Change at your car/van, leaving valuables in your vehicle. Please come to the OTC’s matted area, ready to go. If you need to borrow a wetsuit, come to the end of the black mats to collect.

  • OTC staff will prepare the kit required for the session. Please wait at the end of the black mats until you are ushered forward to be briefed and collect the kit. Please launch immediately; do not loiter.

  • If visiting for a tutored session, on-land instruction will be kept to a minimum, so please be prepared to be on the water for most of the session.

  • Once the session has ended, please bring the kit back up to the mats, leaving it securely before walking off the mats. OTC staff will treat the kit with disinfectant and de-rig it. If you borrowed a wetsuit, please deposit it back at the end of the black mats and notify a staff member.

  • No group sessions (Team15, Adult evening clubs etc) are going to be offered at this time.

  • No OTC membership is offered at this time, due to limited availability of resources.

  • No day memberships, for visitors with their own equipment, will be issued by the WPNSA until further notice.

  • Persons not respecting social distancing guidelines or reasonable requests from members of staff will be asked to leave the WPNSA site.

In addition, The WPNSA have offered these guidelines:

General Guidelines for observing Covid-19

restrictions when visiting WPNSA

The COVID-19 preventative measures are vital to protecting health and wellbeing and to minimising pressure on the frontline services. We all have a role to play in adhering to the Government guidelines and therefore we ask you to observe the following:

  1. Please do not attend WPNSA if you are feeling unwell or experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19.

  2. Please show consideration for others by respecting the social distancing requirement of 2m.

  3. Restrictions will be in place to ensure overcrowding does not take place around the site. Visitors will be allowed to bring cars on to site for the purpose of unloading only. All vehicles should then be parked in the main car park to provide plenty of space for maintaining social distancing.

  4. Entry to the site will be restricted to members and those with boats in storage. We request that no more than 2 persons attend at one time from the same household. Numbers of persons attending the site may have to be limited during times of peak demand.

  5. Entry to the site will be by access card or use of the appropriate gate code. If visiting during normal office hours (9am – 5pm) and you do not have the code, please call 01305 866000 to establish your identity and for the gate to be opened remotely. If you do not have a card and intend to visit outside of normal office hours, please call in advance.

  6. Members may be required to relocate their boats or other equipment, to ensure social distancing can be maintained.

  7. Apart from the main toilets on the ground floor, there will be no access to the rest of building. If you had intended to visit Reception, please call 01305 866000. The changing rooms will remain closed.

  8. Access doors will be left in the open position wherever possible and a one way entrance and exit route will be established through the lower corridor to access the toilets.

  9. Please do not spend any longer on site than is necessary.

  10. Please give careful consideration to prevailing conditions and condition of your equipment, when taking the decision to go afloat.

  11. There will not be any catering provisions available on site until further notice.

  12. Persons not respecting social distancing guidelines or reasonable requests from members of staff will be asked to leave the WPNSA site.

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