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Scotty Stallman: A Year in the Life!

What a year it has been for our Pro-Rider, Scotty Stallman! British Windsurfing Champion rolls off the tongue very nicely for this super talented 21 year old! Anyone that knows Scotty knows how hard he works for everything he has achieved and he has to be one of the nicest guys in the sport, always happy to listen and give advice to others, very humble and mature, an old head on young shoulders! His natural talent has meant he has risen to the top and done so with finesse, grace and gratitude! His gentle competitive spirit separates him from the rest! In this interview he looks back on what has been a record breaking year and put him firmly in the windsurfing history books!

By Emma Nicholson.

I started off asking Scotty, what has been the stand out highlight for him this year? Was it breaking the harbour record at Weymouth Speed Week 2022 and being crowned fastest windsurfer at that event? Scotty said: "Now that’s a very good question to start with and very tricky to choose between as there’s been a few! Although, I think I would have to go with breaking the Weymouth Speed Week Harbour record. This has been a massive goal for me over the years and feels incredible to finally break it after standing for 14 years previously being set by Anders Bringdal."

Scotty has achieved some breathtaking results this year, becoming the UKWA British Champion in the Pro-Fleet, I asked Scotty if he could talk us through that competition?

Scotty said: "Of course! I must say though it wasn’t the easiest year of competition by any stretch! We were pretty unlucky with the forecast’s this year as we only completed championship racing at two out of six events!

"However with the aid of foils we were able to compete in light wind foiling at each event, so not a complete blow out!! The first counting round at Stoke’s Bay we managed to complete five races all of which were done on the foil!

"This was a great event and kicked off the season in the lead. After a short break over the summer it was then time for the last event of the season at Poole where it would all be down to the wire!! Poole provided some funky conditions to say the least!! Day 1 brought a slow start to the day whilst we waited for wind but when it came, boy did it blow!

"We completed seven races on the Saturday in which I attempted to race the fin on couple of races against the foil however it didn’t pay off as the foil is that much quicker around a course! Unfortunately Sunday was a bit of a let down after such a great forecast where we were only able to complete 1 more race in the fickle winds… Was stoked to take the win at this event after some great battles and secure my second British Title."

"When I started windsurfing I was so hooked on the feeling I just wanted to be on the water."

I congratulated Scotty on becoming the UKWA British Slalom Champion for 2022 along with the Light Wind Foil Champion. I asked him does he do anything special to prepare for these type of events? Scotty said: "Thank you, I am really pleased to have won it for the second year running!

"As with most things preparation is keys so spending as much time on the water and in the gym is a must! Being as dialled into the kit as much as you can allows you to optimise the kits performance and you can achieve this by spending quality time on the water testing different set ups in a variety of conditions."

"Anything is achievable, focus on what you want and go for it!"

When Scotty started windsurfing, did he ever think he would be at the top of his sport and competing on the World Stage at The PWA? Scotty said: "Definitely not and I still can’t quite believe it now! When I started windsurfing I was so hooked on the feeling I just wanted to be on the water, but with the help and time from others I was soon racing around the harbour training for my first event!"

Where is Scotty's favourite place to windsurf? Scotty said: "Portland Harbour of course!"

What motivates Scotty? Scotty said: "To go that bit faster and really push my limits."

What does Scotty do to unwind? Scotty said: "Get out on the water haha! Whether that’s windsurfing, surfing or winging!"

What advice would Scotty give to young people who have big dreams like him to become a part of the PWA and at the top of the UK Windsurfing scene? Scotty said: "Anything is achievable, focus on what you want and go for it!"

What goes through Scotty's mind as he approaches the starting line of a competition? Scotty said: "Don’t be over early!"

What are the benefits to mental health of being on the water? Scotty said: "For me it’s the feeling of being totally independent and relying on yourself, you’re totally free from everything!"

And finally! What does 2023 hold for Scotty? Scotty said: "A lot!! Let’s see how it unfolds… Luderitz maybe?…"

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