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Team OTC; Being more resolute!

The custom of making New Year's resolutions has been around for thousands of years, but it hasn't always looked the way it does today. The ancient Babylonians are said to have been the first people to make New Year's resolutions, some 4,000 years ago. Let's bring it right up to date and let us at The OTC help you maintain your realistic goals! Resolutions that fit with your lifestyle, what you can achieve and most importantly keep you motivated!

A new survey from Forbes Health found the top resolutions for 2024 include improving fitness, finances and mental health. What are your resolutions? Let's focus on the positive, here at The Official Test Centre we can help you improve on what you are already good at! Fine tuning those watersports skills, enrolling on a course or helping you take that leap on board a new hobby!

The New Year offers a blank slate — an opportunity to get things right. When we set New Year's resolutions, we are utilising a very important concept called self-efficacy, which means that by virtue of aspiring to a goal and following through on it, we have a sense of control over what's happening in our life. How are Team OTC; Being more resolute? Let's embrace 2024 and the opportunity for personal growth and positive change!

By Emma Nicholson.

Finn Knight
OTC Team Rider, Finn Knight looking forward to a windy 2024!

The Official Test Centre Team Rider, Finn Knight, said: "I’m looking forward to lighter nights, longer days, windy sessions, tight battles on the race course and being around those who love the wind and water as much as I do."

Scott Norman
OTC Team Rider Scott Norman

The Official Test Centre, Team Rider, Scott Norman, said: "Personally, My new years resolution is to get my foiling game better, especially where i’m moving into the International fleet, it’s going to be a big aspect of racing! Not only my gybes, but I also need to get comfortable pushing the limits, as when racing there’s little room for error, meaning a small mistake could result in a big crash! Hopefully the up and coming OTC winter training will help that nicely… Let’s hope for wind!!"

Kerry Knight
The OTC Windsurfing Schools Project Coordinator, Kerry Knight filling 2024 with happiness.

The Official Test Centre, Windsurfing Schools Project Coordinator, Kerry Knight, said: "I don’t really make new year resolutions but my thoughts on 2024 are :

Good vibes, health, happiness and kindness to all."

Simon Winkley
For OTC Team Rider, Simon Winkley it is all about wind and wing!

The Official Test Centre, Team Rider, Simon Winkley, said: "My New Year Resolution is: WIND - work on improving speed on standard freerace kit (for Weymouth Speed Week) and WING: improve aerials and tacks (to keep progressing wingfoil skills)."

James Hardy
OTC Team Rider, James Hardy stretching into 2024!

The Official Test Centre, Team Rider, James Hardy said: "Got a couple actually, first one being to Stretch more. Keep me supple and continue to be ready to spring into action at any given moment. My other one is to wing and windsurf is some new locations, one because why not and two because it will push my own skills on which is never a bad thing. Oh and I might have to jump on this Downwinding  stuff at some point too!"

Lilia Yelland
OTC Team Rider Lilia Yelland will sail confidently into 2024!

The Official Test Centre, Team Rider, Lilia Yelland, said: "There are lots of things I learned last year, about myself and about my windsurfing. But I feel like an obstacle that I should tackle this year would be my confidence on the water. At some points in my racing I second guess my gybes and starts, and that voice is hard to ignore, so sometimes it leads to a failed gybe or a late start. So this year I am just going to dial into my racing zone and get that voice to get quieter and quieter. I know what I am capable of, I know that my timings are right or if the line I’m taking is good, but are they? So let’s see what 2024 brings our way!"

Ross Williams
OTC Team Rider, Ross Williams will be at his peak in 2024!

Let's leave the last word to a legend! The Official Test Centre Team Rider, Ross Williams, said: "My New Year’s resolution is to get back to peak fitness, go back to the gym and more water time, while increasing the amount of stretching I do to help my body recover and increase its potential."

Here at The Official Test Centre, let us help you fulfil your resolutions, why not try windsurfing or winging for the first time, or improve existing online or call 07817 717904 and you can sail into 2024 with confidence! The best version of you!

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