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The OTC Team Rider Emma Wilson; My 2023!

The one woman power house that is Olympian Emma Wilson, she is the epitome of Great British grit and determination, I am sure she has red, white and blue pulsing through her veins. She dedicates her life to the sport, she lives, eats and breathes the thrill of passing the finish line in first place. She has a hunger for success and she possesses incredible talent, she is unstoppable. In this blog read the astonishing story of The OTC Team Rider Emma Wilson; My 2023! Let us all celebrate the extraordinary, the ones that go the extra mile, the ones that are so focused on the end goal that nothing or nobody will stand in their way. Being an Olympian is a mindset that is extraordinary, that means you have to get back up when you fall and keep going. As 2023 comes to an end, let's appreciate those that put their head above the parapet. Here is to Emma and the people you know in your life who are fighters, trailblazers, strong and never give up! Here is to the strength of the human spirit!

By Emma Nicholson.

Emma Wilson windsurfing
Emma racing to success!

What has been your highlight this year?

Emma said: "Probably winning the World Cup in Palma in April was the best moment, it’s the first time I’ve won a senior international competition after coming close so many times it felt amazing to actually do it."

Emma carries a board
Olympic spirit!

What have you learnt this year?

Emma said: "Quite a lot haha, definitely taking care of my body a bit more as I rely on that a lot, that was a big eye opener when I was sat waiting for surgery whilst everyone else was racing. And to really make sure I enjoy the windsurfing even when it’s a high pressure situation, not to forget why I actually do it."

Emma wins a race
Simply the best!

What’s been your best memory?

Emma said: "I think when I won the Palma competition and seeing my friends , coach, family, support staff on land. It was just a super cool moment and made me realise hard work does pay off."

Emma rounds the mark
Sheer determination!

What has been a difficult part of the year?

Emma said: "Definitely after the world championships was really hard, after leading all week and feeling like I just messed up my chance of being world champion really really hurt. Luckily I have some good people around me and I’m back loving being on the water & pushing hard."

Emma on the iQfoil
Never give up!

What’s the best advice you were given this year?

Emma said: "Probably just to keep pushing and give my best because that’s all I can control."

Old photo
Emma and her mum!

Where has been your favourite place to windsurf this year?

Emma said: "Marseille was super nice, hot, sunny and windy! I’m looking forward to going back."

Emma sprayed with water
Just keep going!

What are you most proud of this year?

Emma said: "Probably coming back from my wrist surgery so quickly and then also when I tore a ligament in my hand before the test event managing that and doing well there. I’m just proud to have managed to give my best in those situations."

Emma windsurfs
Cruising to victory!

Who has been your biggest influence this year?

Emma said: "I think there’s so many people. Definitely my family but also friends , coaches , and support staff. It’s a big team effort but a fun one!"

What will you do more of next year?

Emma said: "I hope to keep pushing the sport forward , see how much I can improve and have a good time along the way!"

Official poster
Paris 2024 Olympics!

What are your hopes for next year?

Emma said: "Probably to do my best performance possible at the Olympic Games & World Championships, enjoy the journey , and inspire some more people to take up windsurfing!"

If Emma has inspired you, why not call 07817 717904 and step on board with us here at The Official Test Centre, alternatively if you are looking to be kitted out just like Emma, Surf Doctor has all your iQFoil kit ready and waiting...

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