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The trajectory of a star; Scotty Stallman!

Anyone that has followed the stratospheric success of The Official Test Centre Pro-Rider Scotty Stallman will be eager to find out what he has planned for 2024! It has already been a busy start to the year, Scotty has been hosting The Official Test Centre Winter Slalom Training Camps, these have been a smash and with the news from the PWA that they are splitting foil and fin for 2024 with Slalom X, in this weeks blog we ask Scotty all the big questions as he carves out the trajectory of a star; Scotty Stallman. On a crest of a wave, get ready to strap in, sit back in your front row seat to watch the next chapter in his astonishing rise through the windsurfing ranks! Power, persistent and performance, one thing that is always guaranteed with Scotty is he will always lay it all on the line and we can't wait to come along for the ride!

By Emma Nicholson.

Scotty Stallman
The Official Test Centre Pro-Rider Scotty Stallman

Looking back on 2023, what did you learn that you will take into 2024?

Scotty said: "2023 was an epic year, lots learnt and lots to take into 2024. To have completed my first year on the PWA tour and finish 14th overall was just immense. Travelled to some pretty epic places and met some equally epic people. I think the biggest take away from 2023 is to take every opportunity as it comes, by doing this I’ve been able to travel the world and really make the most of my windsurfing. Whether thats going to photoshoots and making connections with new people, or joining another competitor at their home spot to train and better both of your skills."

Scotty Stallman
Winging his way to success!

What was your stand out memory of 2023? 

Scotty said: "Now that’s a very tricky question! So much happened that I think its hard to put one on top. But if I really had to choose it would be between the Fuerteventura PWA and Defi Wind. The PWA event in Fuerte was just amazing with probably some of the best racing I’ve ever experienced, I mean come on foiling in 40knots and racing is just epic!! Then the spectacle of Defi is just in another ball park, to be on a start line with over 1000 other windsurfers is just something else!"

Scotty Stallman
Fully focused on flying into the future!

Are you going anywhere warm to train during the winter?

Scotty said: "Currently I haven’t got any solid plans in place regarding travelling to a warmer climate to train as I’m waiting on a few bits of gear to arrive and whilst the weather has remained warm and the wind is up, Portland Harbour has already provided some pretty good training days! Alongside the slalom camps we run I’m able to get my start practice there and if I really wanted to I’m sure I could recruit a few more guys to come join some sessions when I’m tuning gear and practicing."

Scotty Stallman
Living his best life!

Looking forward into 2024 do you have a rough idea of what your plans are looking like? 

Scotty said: "For 2024 my plans remain the same as 2023, to compete on the full PWA circuit, training continues and this time it's for both foil and fin. I have to say that the news of Slalom X is very exciting! I think it has had mix emotions from the public so far but I know the riders seem pretty happy with this new challenge. There has been a lot of comparison to the old Super X discipline from back in the day which would require spocks and even forward loops down the first run but Slalom X is a more toned down version that will focus on making the courses a little different which things such as beach starts and chicanes/speed legs - oh and maybe a jump or two… Overall I’m very excited about this and it has definitely given me something else to train for, maybe I’ll have to train at Overcombe on the slalom kit not wave kit if they introduce wave slalom!"

Scott Stallman
Jumping to the next level!

After your first full year with GA.. are you excited to see what will happen this year? 

Scotty said: "After my first year with GA/Tabou I’m very happy with how it went and to have implemented myself within their close team. Placing 14th on my first full PWA tour was an amazing feeling and to have done it on my first year with the GA/Tabou team was even better. Towards the end of the season I was lucky enough to involved with some of the testing and development which has always been a dream for me. Moving forward into 2024 I want to carry this on and try to learn as much as possible within a very knowledgable team."

Scotty Stallman
Sailing his way around the world!

Winter slalom training camps at the OTC are you looking forward to this?

Scotty said: "Yes 100%, this is something I look forward to every year. We’ve just recently hosted the January editions and they went super well. We had a relatively small group but plenty of wind! This meant we completed just under 30 race starts and tones of gybe practice. It’s always super cool to see the UK skill level rising each year with new faces pushing for the overall top spot!"

Scotty Stallman
Reflecting on success!

UKWA? Will you be taking part this year? 

Scotty said: "I will try my best provided it doesn’t clash with any international events. So if I have a free weekend and I’m back in the UK for sure you’ll find me there!"

Scotty Stallman
Smiling at his home spot!

What is exciting you in 2024? Is there a certain product or discipline? 

Scotty said: "I think for this coming year the most exciting thing is seeing the return of the fin to PWA racing. There’s not much more details we can release, as even us as the riders don’t know them!! But at the windier spots are looking like it will be very much fin racing."

Scotty Stallman
Looking back on a triumphant 2023!

Down wind foiling what’s your take on it? Do you think it’s going to explode in 2024?

Scotty said: "I love it! - admittedly I am very much still a beginner and managed to snap my paddle on the very first go… but I’m loving the challenge as its by far the trickiest form of foiling I've done but rewarding when you do it right!"

Scotty Stallman
Oh buoy! Marking the start of a new year!

What are your hopes for 2024?

Scotty said: "There’s lots of things planned and targets set, but my main goal and objective is to enjoy it and really make the most of all the opportunity’s I am given. I think that would also be my number one tip to give to anyone looking to pursue a career in the sporting world - just enjoy it!"

Join Scotty at the next OTC Winter Training Camp which is taking place over the weekend of March 2nd and 3rd 2024, email to confirm your place.

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