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What's the "Crack"?

The problem and the answer?
"What are those dog-bowl looking things?"

It's a common question for us here at The OTC. And the answer is: "It's a SurfBent board protector." The next question is always the same...

Does it Work?

Which is a bit more complicated to answer. The short answer is "Yes!" The long answer is, yes ... but it will not stop the mast hitting the nose of your board every time.

When you get 'sent' over the front of your board, there are a lot of forces moving in a forwards direction. Add to that the fact that your mast will bend (not to mention your old UJ might fail!) and it is then that you have to conclude it's almost impossible to create something that will completely stop dings to the nose of your board. Not without creating other problems or limitations (usually weight, cost, or manoeuvrability issues). The Surfbent does a great job at reducing the amount of hits to the nose, but it also reduces the amount of force going into the nose of the board, which in turn minimises the damage to the board.

The big hits aren't as big and the small hits usually go unnoticed.

The other options you have for protecting your nose are: Jezz's Knob, mast/boom guards, EVA stick-on protectors (both home and professionally made), The Deviator (if you can find one) and I'm sure a whole host of homemade creations. All the above will help mitigate damage to boards but also bring other potential issues. Whether it's stubbed toes, mast-track failure or hiding damage, it usually results in the same action: leaving the 'protector' in the back of the garage or shed, never to be used again.

The SurfBent, although not perfect, is a good option. Its elastomer construction helps to take the worst of the power out of the punch, and then it returns to its shape ready for the next impact.

Is it for everyone? No. If you're not going over the front regularly, you probably won't feel the need to buy one. But if you are going through the intermediate 'progression phase' and taking frequent fast trips over the front; if you're just getting into foiling or thinking about trying it, then it may be worth the cost to help minimise future repair costs!

To get yours ordered visit our online store here.

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