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Writing a new chapter; James Hardy!

When James Hardy announced at the end of December 2023 that he had been appointed as the Test Editor of Windsurf Magazine, anyone that knows the energy James would bring to that role would agree it was a genius move, James is hugely respected and has a wealth of experience. When he is not inspiring the next generation of grommets or instructing on an RYA course, he can now be found getting paid to do what he loves being on the water, trying the latest kit, his world domination in the world of watersports has stepped up another pace!

Fresh from the stage of the RYA Dinghy & Watersports show last weekend, I ask The Official Test Centre Team Rider James Hardy about one of the many hats he wears, that of Test Editor at Windsurf Magazine. Now he has had time to bed in, how is he finding this new role and how does it fit with the many other strings to his bow. Writing a new chapter; James Hardy!

By Emma Nicholson.

James Hardy
The Official Test Centre Team Rider James Hardy taking centre stage at the recent RYA show!

Why did you take the job?

James said: "Well I suppose firstly I have to go windsurfing and play with new kit every month and I cant really complain about that. It's also good to get your name out there, be in contact with the brands and one of the bigger reasons is it's a nice new challenge with lots of writing, deadlines and developing my kit knowledge."

James Hardy
James with his shredders! Teaching the next generation!
"One of the bigger reasons is it's a nice new challenge."

Are your reviews a good reflection on what’s going on in the industry?

James said: "I would like to think so yes. Windsurfing has been around for quite some time and the brands are mainly small changes and tweaks to their kit to try and improve in different areas of performance. So really trying to highlight what that change is and how is changes or makes up the personality of a board is what I try and look to do."

James Hardy
James Hardy is there newly appointed Test Editor for Windsurf Magazine.

What makes it challenging?

James said: "Photos can be challenging at times, mainly for the sails as they need to be taken by another person on the beach so having someone else or organising a camera around conditions, my time, their time can be a little tight when it comes to deadlines. However the team at the OTC have been super helpful in making this as easy as possible. Also writing has never been my strong point so this part was always going to be a challenge but its getting easier, when I am on a roll I sometimes feel like I am writing just as good as Dickens."

James Hardy
James winging it at the RYA show!
"When I am on a roll I sometimes feel like I am writing just as good as Dickens."

How does it compliment what you already do?

James said: "It’s fits in quite nicely at the moment, its helping build my name but also an in depth understanding of the kit and design, it allows me to pass that knowledge on. Plus all the kids and some parents are super excited when they get to see and hold the new kit I am testing which is always great for the stoke levels of the next generation.

James Hardy
James is flying high in the watersports industry!

Who are you writing your reviews for. When you write who do you have in mind?

James said: "I mainly have the regular people you bump into the beach on a windy day in mind. I like to makes sure I highlight the kits bigger personality traits whether thats its bold power delivery or optimum control or user friendliness. Everyone wants something that suits them and where they are at personally or what they are aiming for so really highlighting this ticks a big box for those that read. I also like to write it as if it were them using it, taking them from carrying it and how that feels all the way to how it gybes. Well at least thats what I am aiming at. What’s probably ironic is the grammar in all these answers is all over the place.”

Feeling inspired? Start your watersport adventure with us here at The Official Test Centre, click here.

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